Monday, November 9, 2009

where everybody knows your name

destination #7: boston, massachusetts
bean town
fun fact: according to, it is illegal to play the fiddle in boston.
well known bostonian: norm

as you may have guessed by now, i do not come from the most loving of families. where many families force their children to come with them on family outings, and make them pose awkwardly for those family photos in front of niagra falls - mine would rather leave me to climb over a barbed wire fence (as i am sure we all remember).

well, i bet you did not know this; there were trips that my family took me on where they never let me out of the hotel room. that's right.

welcome to: "you were on that trip black baby?"

stop #1: boston.

in the year of our lord 2003 my family invited some friends, packed up a borrowed suv and headed east pre-labor day weekend for boston. boy was i excited. i had never been to the east coast and i for sure never saw that ocean thing i was told stories about. i heard if you rode a boat too far you would fall right off the face of the earth! imagine!! i grabbed a pack of my favorite juice boxes, a ziploc full of cheerios and a raffi cd - i was ready to hit the road once again.

i heard the adults talking about all the wonderful things were were going to be seeing and doing. there was the city of boston itself, cheap seafood, samuel adam's brewery and a city that was once home to witches! the seafood made me a bit scared - but i was ready for the rest.

after a drive through CANADA! and some 16 hours later we arrived in boston!

oh that boston accent that no one can understand!

we headed for the hotel to check in and to USE THE POOL (A POOL CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!) and to rest a bit before hitting the city.

and that is where the story ends for this kid. i never saw the pool. i never got to hit the city. scary seafood - i wish! witches? what witches. all i got was an extended stay at the ramada. that was it. but the adults, oh they had fun. they did all those things that they promised me.

here are those douche bags at the sam adam's brewery - you got to take a TRAIN to get to there. babies LOVE trains.

oh and check out madonna here, blonde ambition tour; next stop SALEM WITCH MUSEUM

in perpetration for writing this blog, i confronted my family about this trip. i asked them if there were ANY photos they had of me on this trip, i don't want to look like a fraud. i don't want to look like a liar - honesty is all a baby has. the response i got was - you were on that trip?

it was later reveled that there MAY have been a photo of me sitting on a wall at the beach documenting what would be my first trip to the atlantic ocean - but it has "disappeared in the move". here is my artist rendering of what i believe it looked like:

please take the time to note the rainbow (which symbolized happiness (also notice i got all the colors in the correct order)). also notice that i made the drawing out to DADDY and MON (supposed to be "mom" - i'm a baby for christ sake). and if you look extra close at the bottom right you will notice a smiley face - that my friend - that is me...and apparently a tornado that just came from a vineyard.

this is the saddest day of my life.