Monday, August 24, 2009

friends forever

destination #5: friendsville
nicknames: bff
fun fact: there is a friendsville, tennessee & a friendsville, maryland
well known friends:
this guy

i am taking a small detour of my travels to bring you a post about one of the most important things in the life of a baby; friendship. as one might imagine, it gets lonely on the road. most of the time the "adults" leave me in the car, or are too embarrassed to walk around with me. it is times like these that it is good to have a friend by your side.

luckily for me, i had such that luxury on my travels to the south. and even better, she was my age and my size, which not only meant we got to share a bed, a stroller and clothing, but good times as well.

meet my bestest friend, diana.

diana knows what it is like to be a baby, and more importantly she knows how to party like a baby. while the adults were off being lame, diana and i had the t.o.o.l!! (time of our lives for those of you who don't speak "cool"). here are the highlights from the untold adventures of mable and diana.

diana was cool enough (and loved enough) by her family that they supplied her with her own stroller. with our bottles packed and freshly powered butts we hit the mall!

we visited our favorite store in the mall, baby gap and tried on sock, onesies and hats! oh look how stylish we are, just like the freakin olsen twins! i want to be mary-kate!!

after we exhausted ourselves with memories of uncle jessie and that zaney "uncle" joey, we decided we wanted this moment to last forever - FRIENDS FOREVER! we decided to let our hair down and went wild posing in this silly cutout. look at me! i'm some kind of fox - and diana over there is what - pinocchio?!

diana and i later threw a coin down the wishing well there and wished to be friends forever. i promised to visit as often as possible, to keep secrets and to never treat her with disrespect like i was all too familiar with. she promised the same, and with a quick pinky swear we held hands and threw our coins down the well together.

it was only on our drive back that i realized that wishing well was merely painted on a backdrop, thus voiding all wishes. apparently it also voided pinky swears because this is the treatment i received from my "best friend" the entire trip home.

trust no one.

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  1. hahahahaha
    I know Diana... she is a cool one!
    Mable is lucky to have such a BFF!