Wednesday, August 19, 2009

b(l)ack by popular demand

destination #4: todd county, kentucky (and the rest of tennessee)
nicknames: the bluegrass state
fun fact: middlesboro, kentucky is the only city in the u.s. built in a meteor crater
well know bluegrasser:
johnny depp

first, let me start by saying: i am sorry. i have been away for quite the time. but let me tell you, i was traveling. the other 3 months i was left in the backseat of a car and then promptly moved into a closet, from which i bring you this new post.

welcome to destination #4 - kentucky! (and the rest of tennessee) also, the last stop on my trip to the south. just to keep things in order here, i will start with my final pit stop in tennessee. upon my escape from the great arch, i decided it was time for some much needed r & r. having been in this landlocked state of tennessee for some time now, i was dying to see some water. i was told there were several rivers and "hollows" nearby. they even offered boat and jet ski rides. i could almost feel the misty water caressing my soft baby skin - i could hardly wait!

instead i was taken here:
that's right, the tennessee river nick-a-jack reservoir. i mean, seriously?! the grass is burnt and the water has a film on it. they had to post this sign so you knew it was a body of water and not some unfortunate toxic spill.

needless to say i did not go on a boat ride, i did not ride a jet ski, and i thankfully did not feel the mist of that water - like it could get to mist form. instead i sat on the banks of the "reservoir" to reflect on the traumatic experiences i had encountered over the past few days. that arch, mother goose, meeting my father - it was all much too much.

i felt sad, cold - i felt alone. and rightfully so. my family had forgotten about me and left me reflecting my thoughts on that reservoir bank. luckily, i have mad climbing skills and managed to catch up with them.

after this episode i was done-zo. i demanded to go home straight away. this was the close to my first major expedition and i was exhausted. i wanted to get in my car seat, have a juice box and sleep the entire way home.

of course, that is never the case with me. i had to experience the tucky of ken, the place where grass is blue and education pays. well, let me tell you something of my short time spent in kentucky. as you can see from this photo, i saw no bluegrass and if education pays, then kentucky would know that posting a mile marker of "zero" is completely unnecessary.

oh, and in case you can't read it, todd county's big claim to fame is that it is the birthplace of robert penn warren, the first poet-laureate of the united states.

go ahead, read his wikipedia page, i'll wake you in 5.

disappointing kentucky - disappointing.


  1. Though I had known Black Baby for most of her life, I have not been on any of the adventures that you have posted. I am gaining new insight (and finding frightening parallels) on the terrors of traveling.

  2. oh and Hunter S. Thompson was born in Louisville, Kentucky.

    Just a little FYI