Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the early years

destination #1: nashville, tennessee
nicknames: nashvegas
fun fact: the grand ole opry was originally called the wsm barn dance
well known nashvillian: jack white

ahh yes, the trip that started them all. i stayed a short time in the nashville, tennessee area for about a week in the year 2002. clarksville to be exact (clarkvegas to you locals)...

having never been to the south, i decided it was a good idea to get cultured and check out the state capital building, like a good american. and what did i discover, the city of nashville knew i was coming and made me a welcome sign...OUT OF STONE...

i later took a stroll to the top of capital hill and was beyond shocked when i met someone who had been absent from my life for 18 months, my father...

now, i didn't recognize this man to be my father, nor did i ever think i had one, but as soon as he saw me, he scolded my surrogate family members for holding me incorrectly, as they often did. this "father" man then snatched me up and held me in his arms like no one had ever done before. it was comforting, soothing, silky. he then tried to pass on his parenting skills to my new family...

somehow, i think the lesson was lost forever.

be that as it may, i left nashville with a heavy heart. i will never forget my father, whatever his name was, nor will i ever forget how it felt to be a baby for once.

i'll remember you, nashville, tennessee!!


  1. hahahahaha... oh the memories. but wait I must confess...I wasn't there. but I do remember the late night stories at a certain restauraunt, over coffee and fries. WOW. It has been a long time since I thought about Black Baby's first adventure. I look forward to more.